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For every participant I am donating to plant five trees.

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A Special NeuroTree Class - the CHAKRA TREE

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What would your Life look like as a Tree?

How do you grow as a person? How does your business grow? Your job? Your wealth? What about your relationships, your health and wellbeing? How do you nurture desires, goals, and creative projects that you have?

Find out by drawing the TREE OF YOUR LIFE!


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With the Tree of Your Life, you can transform the way you are growing any area in your life. This playful drawing practice is easy to learn, and will support you in your personal development, by helping your mind expand. During the process of drawing you will begin to perceive your own expectations in a new way. You will see your plans, goals, and even fears in a new light. Together, we will look at the past, present and future of your individual theme. And you will set new intentions for your project of growth or personal development.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you are interested in creative personal development
  • you want to connect to your intuition and inner wisdom with the help of art
  • you wish to nurture your creative self and learn new skills
  • you want to let go of self-imposed limitations
  • you are ready to tap into your highest potential
  • you long to be guided by the wisdom of nature
  • you want to learn how to nurture yourself and your life projects with art
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What you will learn:

  • how to draw your personal Tree of Life
  • how to dive into a deeply meditative state with drawing

  • how to use drawing to access your intuition and subconscious mind

  • how to listen to the messages from your body, emotions, and thoughts

  • how to consciously expand your mind with art

  • how to let go of self-imposed limitations and realize your true creative potential

Join me and create your beautiful and unique Tree of Life.

What will your tree look like, and what will it teach you about yourself? Which area of your life do you want to nurture, strengthen, and grow?

What participants say:

"I loved this class. It was how I celebrated Mother's Day 2020 to relax and create space for myself in the midst of motherhood during quarantine. I was given time and gentle guidance to explore and hone my hopes and dreams beyond here and now. Antje's teaching style is very comfortable and empathetic. The process can be quickly learned and re-practiced on your own time. I gladly recommend this class." ~Lisa

"I took part in this class not quite knowing what to expect. I found the process to be very therapeutic and helpful. It helped me see from where I've come and that I'm always in the process of becoming. It taught me that fruits gained along the way and often discarded become nourishment for the onward journey. It taught me how strong my early conditioning was to colour ONLY within the lines. Not colouring inside lines can be liberating. I also notice that one picture can never be fully completed AND that is okay too. I expect there will be many insights to come from the process, Thanks Antje." ~Joseph

"Beautiful experience! I have no idea when the hours were gone...i could draw the trees for ever. Thank you for your guidence dear Antje! Love you" ~Olivia​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Participant's Drawings

No prior art experience or drawing skills are required. This class is suitable for everyone, including young people (13+).

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The Chakra-Tree - a very special NeuroTree Class

July 24th at 10am (Pacific Time)

This 3 hour workshop is special in several ways. We will work with the imagery of the tree, as well as connect with our Chakra System. Chakras are energy centers that are situated in our bodies and are said to be the basis of our energetic make-up, according to ancient Indian traditions. Each Chakra has a specific function for our body, as well as an emotional, mental and spiritual dimension, and together they form a complex subtle energy system. We will explore each on of the 7 main chakras with the help of guided meditation, intuitive writing, and drawing. We will specifically use the imagery of the tree to bring our Chakra energies into alignment. As humans we can connect to the earth below us as well as the sky above us with the help of our chakras, and allow the universal energies to move between these two poles in a beautiful dance.