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Neurographica® is a creative method that allows you to reinvent your life with the tip of your pen.

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With Neurographica®​​​​​​​, our mind is reflected on a piece of paper, so that we can virtually see our thoughts, and manipulate them with lines, shapes, and colors. This drawing technique links the conscious and the subconscious mind together, and activates new neural connections in our brains. 

Most of our problems originate in the mind, in the way we see and perceive things. Once we observe and become aware of undesirable thought patterns, there is an opportunity for positive change. We can see, understand, and finally transform the thoughts, emotions, and patterns that do not serve us. We can build self love and self worth, improve relationships, set positive intentions, and much more.

The drawing allows us to bring together different ideas and meanings, to set them in relation, and to harmonize them in an abstract, visually pleasing way. As a result, new ideas can naturally emerge, outdated structures can be changed, and inner constraints can be lifted.

This simple and ingenious method was developed by Pavel Piskarev, a Russian Architect, Artist, Doctor of Psychology, Coach (and a whole long list of other things). If you want to know more about Pavel, his work, and his incredibly versatile personality, you can read his biography here​​​​​​​...

The Neurographica® method is based in science, and reflects the knowledge of visual thinking in combination with the laws and patterns identified by various schools of psychology,​​​​​​​ such as neuro-psychology, analytical psychology, Gestalt therapy, psycho-synthesis, social psychology, as well as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), analytical coaching, and modern management theory. The method really reflects Pavel's creative genius.

Neurographica®​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ is a universal instrument to solve virtually any situation, and offers algorithms for all kinds of life challenges. We can create practically anything: storylines, the patterns and conditions of our lifes, pathways of our evolution through time, graphical solutions for complicated communication problems and much more.

We always choose a theme before starting each drawing, and follow a distinct algorithm and process, so that we end up with a blueprint for our own future, and can create our life from there.

Neurographica®​​​​​​​ can be helpful in working with individuals or groups. At this moment it is being used in over 30 countries in diverse settings such as pedagogy, (art) therapy, coaching, training, consulting, and counseling.

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