Welcome to my heart project, filled with the insights and wisdoms that I found throughout my journey into Motherhood. This series is not just for mothers to be though, but for anyone who is birthing a new creation into this world, whatever it might be for you.

I invite you to a creative journey where we explore different stages of the process of creation. Creation is rarely just happening, it is not linear, and it doesn't usually follow a plan that we can predetermine with our minds. But we can observe some patterns of how it might unfold, themes that keep coming up, common challenges, as well as tools that may help us to stay with this process and to master any challenge that we may face.

Like other creative processes, pregnancy begins with conception, bringing together different elements that initiate the growing of something new. This is followed by a period of gestation, where the new creation is growing, developing, changing, getting ready for the world. This can happen in many different ways, like an idea slowly forming in our head, a product or art-piece taking form, or of course a human being slowly growing in a mother's womb. This process then culminates in the actual birth of the new creation, a release from the safety of the womb, or place of gestation, where the new creation is now facing the world. All of these parts of the creative endeavor hold challenges, surprises, and wisdom that we will explore with the help of Guided Neurographica Drawing Processes. Some moments might be vulnerable, some empowering, some magical, or just out of this world. This is a journey for creators.

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From here, this journey will take you through the following​​​​​​​ 8 creative portals:

(02/4) The messages of your fears and doubts. What is holding you back?

(02/11) Finding your affirmations. What do you really want to focus on?

(02/18) Letting go of the past in gratitude. What will you leave behind?

(02/25) The new role as guardian of your creation. Who will you become?

(03/4) The space of creation. What do you need to feel safe?

(03/11) Connecting to the web of creation. Who will support your creation?

(03/18) Opening the flower mandala. How can you open up to the unknown?

(03/25) Initiation of the tree of life. What will this transformation bring for you?

I am a bit over 7 months pregnant right now, and want to share this series as a celebration of my own process, and to support others (pregnant Mamas or Creators of other magic). Pregnancy is the ultimate creative experience, and I invite you to become pregnant with whatever seed you carry inside you. The world needs your Creation!

As a little Disclaimer, I want to mention that this time is of course a bit unpredictable for me (you never know when baby really wants to come), so in case that I cannot fulfill any of the above mentioned workshops at the date mentioned, it will automatically be postponed and I will finish the series after probably a few months baby break. I hope you will understand this and stick with me on this journey through the unknown.

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This series presents the wisdom that I have gained throughout my journey of pregnancy. I am slowly approaching the end of this process, and getting ready for a new beginning. Now I want to share some of the insights I have received on this journey, and I hope that this series of creative inquiries will help you with whatever is gestating inside you, and whatever you want to birth into your life.

About the Workshops: We will begin each session with a short guided meditation to tune in and bring up the themes that want to be looked at. From there, we will move into a Guided Neurographica drawing process. The drawing portion will be guided step by step and does not require any prior experience. Learn more about Neurographica® HERE.

Please watch the recording of our first drawing session from January 28 to learn more about the practice and my vision behind this series.

Finding the seed inside you. What wants to be born through you?

I am very sorry to let everyone know that I had to cancel this live series for now. I will try to offer this work at another time in the future.