I will facilitate your self-discovery journey, and guide you into your inner realms with the help of shapes and colors.

The TransformArt Process:

1. Before we start drawing, we will of course talk and get to know each other. Maybe you already come with a certain topic or problem that you would like to draw and solve for yourself. If you don't have a concrete idea that is ok as well, I have several methods to guide you to find out what topic we can work with today.

2. We choose a theme for your drawing session. Sometimes a theme needs several drawing sessions to be solved and transformed. Sometimes the theme changes and something else shows up underneath. This process is fluid and we will trust our intuition on the way.

3. You follow a distinct graphic model and algorithm to bring the theme onto the paper, and to then transform it. I will demonstrate and guide you through this process step by step.

4. During the process of drawing I will also ask questions, so that you will not only draw, but also have the chance to actively reflect on your life, your current situation, your plans, fears, possibilities etc. Often, the picture will trigger memories, thoughts, or feelings, and we will examine them closely. At the same time we work towards future solutions, so that you don't get stuck with just looking at the problems. The Neurographica method is solution oriented, it stimulates the sub-conscious and allows for new views and ideas to emerge naturally. 

5. At the end of the drawing session we will reflect again, to sum up and pinpoint any changes in your thinking, any solutions, ideas, and insights that emerged. This will give you a blueprint and map for your future life, and the next steps that you can take from here. You will have the drawing to remind you of any intentions that you set during the process.

6. Sometimes, deeper insights will show up the next day, or even in your sleep. Be aware and pay attention to anything that happens inside you over the following days.

7. Of course, there is always the option to draw another picture, for example when other related topics emerge during the process. This can be a beautiful process over a longer period of time.


I am here for you, and hold this creative space where you can discover yourself in a new way.

There are several different creative processes, models and algorithms that I can offer with Neurographica®​​​​​​​. Depending on what is needed, we can for example: dissolve inner constraints; examine self-defeating behaviors; transform negative emotions; resolve underlying patterns and beliefs; become clear about your intentions; analyze ressources that are already present or are needed; make plans and look at the possible effects of future actions; open, grow, or nurture certain personality traits, projects, dreams, and so much more...there is virtually no topic that we cannot address with Neurpographica®​​​​​​​. In addition, I can support you with intuitive guidance, meditations and visualizations, focussed breathing, as well as simple writing exercises, whenever it might deepen your insights. You can learn more about me, my background and personal story HERE​​​​​​​.

2 hour introductory session available now at a special offer of $100​​​​​​​

I am offering Guidance with the help of Art, this is Life Coaching using creative processes. I call this approach TransformArt, because it can result in a Transformation of You, and impact your life in many different ways. The Art will be your guide, and will help you to release your thoughts and emotions, to motivate mental processes, and trigger change that comes from inside you, in your own way and on your own terms. I am your companion on this journey, but you will have to do the Art work...

What is TransformArt? How does Transformational Coaching work?​​​​​​​

2 hour introductory session available now at a special offer of $100​​​​​​​