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Welcome to the 7 Chakra Art Series

We invite you to be curious, to ask yourself what the energies in your chakras hold for you, what themes and ideas might be connected to them, and what these energies might look like for you.

Join me and my dear friend Georgina Marie as we explore and experience the chakras in many creative ways.

Each of the workshops includes a guided meditation, a series of writing prompts, as well as a guided drawing process.

The workshops seek to offer a holistic way to learn about and experience the Chakras that includes the body, mind, and emotions, and will allow you to learn more about yourself through the lens of the Chakra system.

You will receive access to 7 different workshops where we dive into each of the 7 Chakras with guided creative processes.

The idea and science of Chakras comes from Ancient India, and it might be difficult for some people to really grasp what it is all about. This is why we invite you to experience and explore the energies of your Chakras, instead of just talking about them.

We will begin each session with a short guided meditation to tune into each Chakra from the inside, feeling where it is in your body and how you experience that part of yourself.

Also, we will play with the color of each Chakra in an easy, abstract drawing exercise with elements of the Neurographica Method. This can help you to express the inner experience with simple shapes and lines. Through the drawing, you gain an emotional understanding of the Chakra, how you feel about it, and what kind of associations are connected to it.

And, we will gently open our minds to allow words to come through and describe the connection that we made with the Chakra. Through writing, we can gain a mental image, we ask questions and find concrete answers.

With the help of all these different practices, you can grow your individual understanding and experience of your own Chakras, getting to know yourself in a new and deep way.

About us:

Antje Howard is an artist, guide, and teacher whose main goal is to support self-discovery in a creative way. She is the founder of NeuroArtProject and works mainly with the Neurographica® Method, which is a transformational drawing practice that allows us to access the wisdom of our own subconscious, activates new neural pathways, and opens opportunities for inner change. Antje has facilitated Women Circles for many years, is a certified QiGong teacher, and also supports people with the help of movement practices and guided meditation.

Antje will guide the meditation, and drawing portion of each workshop.

Georgina Marie is the current Lake County Poet Laureate for 2020-2022, the first Mexican-American and youngest to serve in this role for Lake County, California. Her poetry often explores grief, trauma, and the nature in her rural hometown. She is a practitioner of yoga and breathwork and lives in Lakeport with her rescue dogs and cat. Georgina will guide the writing portion of each workshop.

Learn more about her and her offerings at

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