This course is meant for anyone who wants to begin a deep internal exploration with the Neurographica® method. This transformational art practice will allow you to solve conflicts, remove inner constraints, and become more clear about your own intentions and visions for your future. With the help of drawing, you will gain direct access to your inner self (the subconscious). Neurographica is a mindful art practice that impacts our thoughts and emotions in an active, creative, and insightful way. The insights that you can gain from this practice will help you change your view, understand yourself better, and improve your life. The Neurographica® Basics Course will enable you to better deal with stress, increase your motivation, and remove inner blocks and limitations, even if you may not be consciously aware of them. You will learn to interpret your own pictures, decode the messages from your subconscious, and align yourself with your highest potential.

This course is for You if:

  • you want to use Neurographica® as a personal tool of transformation

  • you are interested in art as a meditative practice for inner change

  • you wish to bring more clarity, focus, and balance into your life

  • you are ready to let go of self-imposed limitations and negative mindsets 

  • you want to develop and enrich your creativity 

  • you desire to deepen your self-knowledge and experience positive change

  • you want to learn creative tools to improve your life and nurture yourself 

  • you are ready to take your emotional well-being into your own hands

Learn the Basics of Neurographica® and artfully transform Your Life!

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What you will learn: 

  • how to express your emotions, or thoughts in an abstract drawing

  • how to tap into the wisdom of your subconscious

  • how to deal with difficult situations in a creative way

  • how to solve personal issues, release stress, and increase your sense of inner balance, well-being, and self-confidence

  • how to support yourself through difficult times and life changes

  • how to use art as a tool for active meditation and conscious self-reflection

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I'm planning to resume live classes this summer. Until then please start learning with my course recordings!


​​​​​​​without certificate

recordings of the 4 past Basics Courses (a total of 38 hours of material)

price: $120​​​​​​​


instructor: Antje Howard

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Organization of the course:

After signing up for the course, you will receive access to a Password-protected Video collection where you can find the recordings of 4 previous Basics Courses to study on your own. Once I start teaching live courses again, you will also receive access to all future class recordings. 

In addition, you will receive access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask further questions and connect with fellow students.

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, please contact me (by answering one of my emails). You can request the Certificate at any time, there will be an additional fee of $35, and I will send you an separate invoice for it. You will receive personal feedback on two of your drawings, which need to be submitted together with detailed descriptions (either via email or through the facebook group). The Certificate of Completion will be accepted by the Creativity of Psychology Institute as well as any other Neurographica Instructor. It is the prerequisite to taking advanced courses (Algorithms #2 to 9) as well as professional courses (the Neurographica Specialist or Instructor course). Please contact me with any questions about the certification.

The Neurographica® Basics course offers an in-depth introduction to the basic principles, the visual alphabet, and theoretical basis of the Neurographica® method. This course teaches the foundation of this drawing practice as it was originally created by the founder of the Psychology of Creativity Institute, Pavel Piskarev (more about Pavel HERE​​​​​​​). 

There is the option to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institute which allows you to take more advanced classes. The Basics Course Certificate does NOT however grant you permission to teach and/or use Neurographica® with clients. For this purpose you will need to acquire higher certifications, including the professional "Specialist certification". Please contact me for more information.

Each class includes an introductory lecture where you will learn about the theory and basic concepts of Neurographica® as well as guided drawing processes. Students will learn and practice the method by following a simple step-by-step process. 

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Antje Howard is an artist, guide, and teacher whose main goal is to support self-discovery in a creative way. In 2019, she found Neurographica® on her own creative healing journey, where she had to overcome self-doubt and perfectionism. Antje has an academic background in Education, Cultural Anthropology, and Political Sciences. She has worked with children, teens, as well as college students and adults. Antje has also worked as a lecturer at Universities in Germany and Finland, teaching Artistic Research and Visual Anthropology. In 2015, Antje moved from Germany to the USA, where she lives with her husband in rural Northern California. She is the founder of the NeuroArtProject, where she offers her classes and courses with Neurographica® in her own unique way. Antje is also a dancer and QiGong teacher, she facilitates Women Circles, and works with Meditation, Energy Healing, as well as several different conscious art practices. All these practices influence her creative work. Antje has received her Neurographica® Trainer Certificate in 2021, and she is licensed to teach the Neurographica® Basics Course. In addition, she is also a certified Neurographica® Specialist for Children and Youth.

about your instructor:



More about the two Algorithms you will learn in this course:

The "Algorithm to clarify intentions" will help you see your next step whenever you feel stuck, uncertain, don't know what to do next. It helps to find inner clarity about what you actually want, to set intentions in a way that gets you on the way to manifesting them, and will help you see what you need in order to get there.

The "Algorithm to release inner constraints", to me, is an almost magical process that really supports you in releasing anything that you don't need or want in your life. Whatever it may be: fears, negative thoughts, self-defeating behaviors, limiting mindsets, any type of inner struggle can be released and changed. With this algorithm you will dive deep into your own subconscious mind and bring to light the patterns, mindsets, or experiences that are hidden behind that behavior, emotion, or thought pattern.

Watch this video to learn more about my own story. How I struggled with creativity and being an artist, how I found Neurographica, how it helped me, and what it can do for you. This is an in-depth interview by my dear friend Sama Morningstar from the Womb Centered Healing Temple.

What participants are saying:

"Learning NeuroGraphica Basics with Antje has been a deep yet accessible entry point to creating art for the first time in my life. Augmenting my inner healing and search for the true self, this practice has become a soothing and creative respite as I stay in inquiry. Antje explained the complex philosophies behind the drawings with mastery while demonstrating the layers of the drawing process with fluidity. I look forward to taking the next level with her." Hope

"The class was remarkable in many ways. It was surprisingly a bit more academic then I had expected, however the information presented is the basis for the Neurographic Technique and essential to understanding it in more depth. Antje has broad knowledge of the technique and also has a wholistic method of conveying it. She brings in her knowledge of QiGong, meditation and Chakras as well. She promotes a feeling of well-being and support to all participants. I recommend her courses for anyone wishing to know more about this amazing technique for exploring the psyche and gaining clarity about life decisions through expressive art." Julie

"The basic algorithm class opened my inner self to a process for healing using art. Antje’s teaching style reaches all aspects of my learning process. She explains Pavell’s theory through her own drawings, critiquing in a thoughtful yet inquisitive manner. She shares her depth of knowledge and talent in this process. I can’t wait for the next series!" Mary

"Visually this method made sense to me right away and I was surprised at the depth of theory and the many levels there are to go to become fully certified. I thoroughly loved everything I was learning and how I could apply to my lifes goals, struggles immediately. I also see a change in myself by using this process as it does help me to continue to know I am connected to all which I think sometimes as humans we can get a very small scope and drown in our own troubles and feel the weight of the world. I love looking at the drawings I create and the issue I wished to work on. This is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time." Lisa