This course is meant for anyone who wants to begin a deep internal exploration with the Neurographica art practice. This transformational creative method will allow you to solve conflicts, remove inner constraints, and become more clear about your own intentions and visions for your future. With the help of drawing, you will gain direct access to your inner self (the subconscious). You will learn to communicate and decode the subtle messages from your subconscious, and align yourself with your highest potential.

This course is for You if:

  • you want to learn to use Neurographica® for yourself

  • you are interested in art as a meditative and transformative practice

  • you wish to bring more clarity, focus, and balance into your life

  • you are ready to let go of self-imposed limitations and negative mindsets 

  • you want to develop and enrich your creativity 

  • you desire to deepen your self-knowledge and create positive change

  • you want to learn creative tools to improve your life and nurture yourself 

  • you are ready to take your emotional well-being into your own hands

Learn the Basics of Neurographica® and artfully transform Your Life!

The Neurographica® Basics course offers an in-depth introduction to the basic principles, the visual alphabet, and theoretical basis of this drawing practice. This course builds the foundation of the Neurographica® method as it was originally created by the founder of the Psychology of Creativity Institute, Pavel Piskarev (more about Pavel HERE​​​​​​​). You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institute that will allow you to take more advanced classes and acquire higher certifications in the future (with me or other teachers).

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Each class includes an introductory lecture as well as guided drawing processes. Students will learn and practice the method by following a simple step-by-step process. Neurographica is a mindful art practice that directly impacts our thoughts and emotions in an active, creative, and insightful way. You will learn to interpret your own pictures and to decode the messages from your subconscious. The insights that you can gain from this practice will help you change your view, understand yourself better, and improve your life. The Neurographica® Basics Course will enable you to better deal with stress, increase your motivation, and remove inner blocks and limitations, even if you may not be consciously aware of them.

What you will learn: 

  • how to express your emotions, or thoughts in an abstract drawing

  • how to tap into the wisdom of your subconscious

  • how to deal with difficult situations in a creative way

  • how to solve personal issues, release stress, and increase your sense of inner balance, well-being, and self-confidence

  • how to support yourself through difficult times and life changes

  • how to use art as a tool for active meditation and conscious self-reflection

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January 7, 14 and 21 2021

via ZOOM

start: 5 pm (PDT)

duration: 3 hours

price: $150

​​​​​​​recording will be available

upcoming Classes:


February 9, 16 and 23 2021

via ZOOM

start: 10 am (PDT)

duration: 3 hours (9 total)

price: $150

​​​​​​​recording will be available

Organization of the course:

This course consists of 3 meetings of 3 hours each (9 hours total). Classes will be taught live via Zoom. The recorded sessions will be available after each class, and remain available for all future and past students. You can repeat the class as often as you wish. Live classes will be interactive, and allow time for questions. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, several pictures and detailed descriptions need to be submitted and will be individually discussed by the instructor. We will use a closed Facebook group to share experiences and pictures, to ask further questions, and to submit assignments (If you do not use Facebook, please let me know in advance).