Our roots can have many different forms, we may feel rooted in a place, a culture, an ancestral lineage, as well as in a spiritual or healing path, an idea, philosophy, or practice. We can also extend our roots to teachers and mentors, to personal experiences and lessons we have learned throughout life. What is important about roots is that they should hold and nurture us.

Connect to and strengthen Your Roots.

Our roots are a part of our being and consciousness that can allow us to feel grounded, safe, connected, and protected. It is very important to learn how to root yourself, how to ground into the earth where you are standing, and to feel part of a greater whole. Nowadays, our roots may need to be flexible in a world where so many people are living far away from the place of their birth, and feel separated from the lands of their ancestors.

The idea of being rooted in some way is universal to all humans, as we all have parents and ancestors, we all were born in a certain place and into a certain culture, but the actual experience can be very unique and individual to each person. Some may feel very strong roots, while others feel uprooted or are searching for their deeper roots. Our relationship and experience of being rooted can have a profound impact on the rest of our lives. This is why it is so important to take a closer look.

In our workshop we will do that with the help of a guided, reflective Neurographica drawing process.

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Saturday October 2nd 2021

via ZOOM

start: 11 am (Pacific Time)

duration: 2,5 hours

price: $ 45

​​​​​​​recording will be available

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