This is a very special and deep process, that includes a meditative drawing as well as an ancestral ceremony. It will help you become aware of how unique and amazing you are, how many individuals it took to create you, and how you are connected to this large family through invisible threads. You will make those threads visible, and trace all those connections with the tip of your pen. This is how you can establish a creative and healing relationship with your ancestors. Let me show you how!

This Art Ceremony is for You if 

  • you are interested in ancestral work
  • you want to establish a deep connection with your ancestors
  • you are willing to offer your time and creative expression to your ancestors
  • you want to learn how to tap into your intuition through creativity
  • you want to heal ancestral patterns that do not serve you
  • you are open to learn a new language of shapes and colors that will allow you to receive messages from other realms

Connect to Seven Generations before you with Art and Ceremony.

The "Ancestral Mandala" offers a creative way to receive wisdom and insights from deep layers of your subconscious. This practice can help you to heal your ancestral lines and stop the transference of dysfunction by tapping into a new consciousness, which is that of a creator of you life. You will learn to make space for the seven generations before you, and bring them to life in a beautiful and harmonious visual way.

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Before we begin with the actual drawing, I will guide you through an ancestral ceremony and deep meditation. This ceremony serves to create a safe and protected space for your journey. We will also ask for permission from your ancestors, and invite guidance for your individual process. You are invited to create the physical, emotional, and mental space for this ceremony. Your may for example cleanse and decorate the physical space around you, create an altar, bring offerings for your ancestors, or prepare yourself in any other way you feel called. Trusting your inner guidance in this process will be the first step to take. After the drawing, we will again close with a ceremony, to ground the energies and bring the process to completion. I will provide more detailed suggestions for these ceremonies once you have signed up.

What you will learn: 

  • how to draw your personal Ancestral Mandala

  • how to create and perform your individual Ancestral Ceremony

  • how to dive into a deeply meditative state with drawing
  • how to use drawing to access your own subconsciousness and intuition

  • how to decode the messages from your body, emotions, and mind
  • how to communicate with your ancestors through drawing
  • how to use colors and shapes for healing

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Saturday October 31 2020

via ZOOM

start: 5 pm (PDT)

duration: 3 hours

price: $36

​​​​​​​recording will be available

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