This is a series of Art Ceremonies that include guided ancestral ceremonies, and meditative drawing with the Neurographica Method. These creative activities will help you to get to know yourself more deeply and step into a conscious relationship with your own Ancestors. You will make the invisible threads between yourself and your Ancestors visible, and trace all those connections with the tip of your pen. You will learn about your Family Lineages and receive Ancestral Wisdom through colors, shapes, and your intuitive inner wisdom. With this series of workshops, you can begin to establish a creative and healing relationship with your ancestors. 

Connect to your Ancestors with Art and Ceremony.

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A word about Ceremony:

Before we begin with the actual drawing process, I will guide you through an ancestral ceremony and deep meditation. This ceremony serves to create a safe and protected space for your journey. We will also ask for permission from your ancestors, and invite guidance for your individual process. You are invited to create the physical, emotional, and mental space for this ceremony.

Your may for example cleanse and decorate the physical space around you, create an altar, bring offerings for your ancestors, or prepare yourself in any other way you feel called. Trusting your inner guidance in this process will be the first step to take. At the end, we will again close with a ceremony, to ground the energies and bring the creative process to completion.

I will provide more detailed suggestions for these ceremonies once you have signed up.

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4 Ancestral Arts Ceremonies as recordings (10 hours total)

plus receive a FREE Introductory Session to the Neurographica Method

price: $150

Ancestral Arts Recordings Package:

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More about each practices:

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About Your Facilitator:

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Antje Howard is an artist, guide, and teacher whose main goal is to support self-discovery in a creative way. In 2019, she found Neurographica® on her own creative healing journey, where she had to overcome self-doubt and perfectionism. Antje has an academic background in Education, Cultural Anthropology, and Political Sciences. She has worked with children, teens, as well as college students and adults. Antje has worked as a lecturer at Universities in Germany and Finland, teaching Artistic Research and Visual Anthropology. In 2015, Antje moved from Germany to the USA, where she lives with her husband in rural Northern California. She is the founder of the NeuroArtProject, where she offers her classes and courses with Neurographica® in her own unique way. Antje is also a dancer and QiGong teacher, she facilitates Women Circles, and works with Meditation, Energy Healing, as well as several other conscious art practices. All these practices influence her teaching and creative work. Antje is a licensed Neurographica® Trainer, as well as Neurographica® ​​​​​​​Specialist for Children and Youth.

If you are interested in learning more about what is behind Ancestral Arts, here is a conversation that I had with Jessica Huckabay from the Womb Centered Healing Temple. In the first video we talk about how this Ancestral Arts Series came about. The second video is part of the Ancestral Healing Interview Podcast Series that Jessica created. 

ANCESTRAL MANDALA introduces a way to connect to the 7 Past Generations through a deeply nourishing guided drawing process. We create a grit of all your ancestral connections with 7 past generations, then we intuitively explore this grit with the help of lines and colors.

ANCESTRAL LINEAGES focusses on the Four Primary Blood Lines and explores these Lineages with the help of the drawing process. We will tune into the four Main Directions, to connect with, and harmonize the four main Ancestral Lineages.

ANCESTRAL PORTRAIT works in a very intimate way with one specific and remembered, or known ancestor. Here we will explore a photograph of that known Ancestor with the help of the drawing process and thereby create a new and deeply personal connection.

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Introduction: How are you ROOTED? 
In this introductory session, we explore, reflect, feel into the sensation, the feeling, and the idea of rootedness. We will meditate with it, find different ways to see and understand roots, and draw our own roots in a conscious art process.

What participants said:

Ancestral Arts was a spiritual gift. It put me in touch with patterns of being and doing that were holding me back in my spiritual growth. I found myself better able to see and address the patterns that I was engaged in that I had inherited and were not serving me. The process of just acknowledging my ancestral connections was an exercise in expansion into a much larger view of myself as part of the whole. Being part of the whole gives me a stronger more meaningful relationship to this natural world and my journey within it. The journey back in time to discover ancestral connections was facilitated by the drawing and the guided mediations. Both parts truly added to my sense of myself as part of the continuum of time and humanity. (Terry)

I joined the ancestral drawing workshop (art series), which supported my healing journey in regards of my dads death in great ways. It kind of softened the rough edges and soothed my heart. Now I honestly can say that I feel more in peace with the situation. I very much enjoyed to learn the Neurographica technique, which is really helpful for all sorts of clearing processes. Antje showed up in very caring and gentle way during the workshop - like holding your hand whenever there is need for it. A very big and hearty thank you (Bettina from Austria)