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Activate Your Creative Power with the Four Elements - Fire, Water, Earth & Air

The 4 Elements – Fire, Water, Air & Earth – allow us to connect to the very essence of our creative power. Many cultures across the world consider these elements as the critical energy forces that sustain all life on earth.

They are present all around you as well as within you, and can manifest even beyond the physical, for example as personality traits. In this workshop series you will work with the elements to experience, explore, and express your unique creative self. We will dive deep into each element and support you in developing your own individual connection with its creative powers. We will introduce a combination of practices including guided visualization, drawing, writing, and sharing (which is of course voluntary). The main purpose of these workshops is to enable you to integrate the elemental energies into your personal life in a way that supports your individual development and allows you to find balance within yourself.

Element AIR

Air is the first element that we will focus on in this series. It is everywhere and yet we cannot see it, air is virtually invisible. The only way to visually perceive air is when it touches and moves something in our environment. We can watch the clouds wander through the sky, we can see the trees bending, or our own hair swirling in the wind. Just as all other living beings, we have an innate relationship with the air around us, and we can become aware of it with every breath we take. In this session we will consciously reflect on our personal relationship with the air element, call on it's strengths and creative powers.

Element EARTH

In this session we will focus on the element Earth. It is the most dense and steady of the 4 elements. We can connect to the earth with every step we take. We can marvel at the beauty of different landscapes, observe the various materials that it is made of, and admire the countless forms of life that the earth nurtures and sustains. In this session we will connect with the creative qualities of the earth and find different ways to feel held and nurtured in our own creativity.

Element FIRE

This session will be dedicated to the Fire element. For us humans, the discovery of fire is considered a major step on our evolutionary journey. Fire brings warmth and light, it needs to be tended and cared for, as it constantly needs fuel. Fire carries the power of transformation and we can learn a great deal from it. In this session we will explore the creative power of the fire element and allow ourselves to kindle our inner flame.

Element WATER

We will close our series with the Water element. Most of our human body is made up of water, it is contained in our tissues, bones, and bodily fluids. Also, more than 70% of our earth is covered with water. It is one of the most versatile elements as it can exist in liquid, solid, as well as gaseous states. Many indigenous peoples believe that water carries the power of healing, and according to Masaru Emoto it even has a memory. In this session, we will dive deeply into our own waters. We will open up to our creative flow and tap into our innate water power.