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​​​​​​​Neurographica® Certified Basics Course

9 hours of in depth interactive instruction. Receive personal feedback and a Certificate of Completion from the Psychology of Creativity Institute.​​​​​​​

Access to all previous and future course recordings and live classes.

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This class introduces one of the most popular and most beautiful models in Neurographica®. You will learn to draw the Tree of Your Life or "NeuroTree". By connecting to the spirit and movement of the tree, you will creatively cultivate and nurture whatever idea, dream, project, or area of your life you want to grow and focus on right now.

With this class, you will not only do good for yourself though. I am donating to TreeSisters, so that with every tree that we draw, five trees will be planted, and together we will grow a forest. This is my way of giving back. I want to nurture your creative spirit and our natural world with art.

Join the movement and start drawing trees!!

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Change the World with Art

Draw a Tree - Plant a Forest

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What I offer (online & local in Northern California):

We create fun and easy to follow drawing projects with elements of Neurographica®​​​​​​​that will take you to a new place within yourself. Each drawing has a purpose, and you chose a theme that is important for your life. During the art process you will gain new perspectives and important insights that can help you in real life.

In this Transformational Coaching Program I am guiding you to find your own answers to challenges or problems you want to solve in your life. We can work with nearly any topic, and use Neurographica® to allow your innate wisdom to emerge from your subconscious mind. I am offering this creativ coaching in a 1-to-1 setting (for example with zoom or skype).

Working with groups, we can build community with the help of Art, tuning into the other people, finding ressources in the community, creating connections. I facilitate group workshops where we play with group dynamics with the goal to harmonize ourselves and our interactions. This work is also applicable in workspaces, can support team building and profoundly impact work relationships.

Please CONTACT​​​​​​​ me to see if we are a match!

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Draw Your Life

With Art, positive change is possible. The process of drawing brings us into an intuitive flow that can open horizons, bring new perspectives, and result in real life changes.

Use your creative energy  to reinvent & transform your life.

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connecting to our Ancestors with the help of Ceremony, Meditation, and Neurographica Drawing Processes

Series starting October 2nd

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CREATIVE MOON - monthly series

next date: October 5th (6-8 pm Pacific)​​​​​​​

Creating with the New Moon and Zodiac signs. Join us on a deep and colorful journey! Donation-based Event for WOMEN ONLY!