Draw Your Life

How can you use your creative energy to reinvent & transform your life?

Let me show you.

With the help of Art, positive change is possible. The process of creating brings you into an intuitive flow that can open horizons, bring new perspectives, and result in real life changes.

Free Introduction to Neurographica - Algorithm #1 on August 5th

A beginner's intro session for anyone who is curious to learn more about the Neurographica method.
Leading up to my 7th live Neurographica Basics Course (officially starting August 11th), I will share a free introductory session on August 5th.
In this session we will explore a way to express, release and transform difficult or challenging emotions, thoughts, or patterns, with the help of the drawing process.

No prior experience required.

Hi, I am Antje, Artist, Guide, and Teacher, and I invite You to join me on my creative journeys and explorations.

I guide with the help of art, supporting self-discovery and deep inner healing processes in creative ways. My goal is to strengthen your connection to your creative Self, and to help you open up and access your inner guidance and inate creative wisdom.

Join the next FREE LIVE workshop on October 2nd 2022 ROOTS is the first in a series of Ancestral Arts Ceremonies

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Join me for a free deep dive into the NeuroGraphic Line.
live Saturday, August 27th at 11AM (Pacific Time)

The NeuroGraphic Line, also called Piskarev Line, is one of the key elements of the NeuroGraphica® Method. It is a living line that allows us to experience our inner Self with the tip of our pen. Working with this line will allow you to begin seeing yourself with different eyes.

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Free Introduction to NeuroMandala - Algorithm #5 on September 8th

An introduction to NeuroMandala - advanced, certified Neurographica Algorithm #5 course. 
The class includes a live draw-along process and is open to beginners.
In this session, we will bring our momentary energy signature and inner state onto the paper with the help of color and shape. From there, we begin a process of inner harmonization through the Neurographica process.

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FREE Ancestral Arts Ceremony on October 8th 2023

Every year in October, I offer a series of Ancestral Arts drawing sessions. My intention is to help us connect with those who came before us in a creative, deeply personal, and nourishing way.

Our first drawing this year will be a reminder that we are all children of the earth, and we all came here for a reason.

If you are interested in experiencing Art as a Ceremony, please join me for this workshop. No prior experience required.

Find our more about Ancestral Arts HERE.
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Intro to Neurographica Sketching

May 12th at 10 AM (Pacific Time) / 7 PM (Central European Time)
NeuroSketching - free introductory session to Neurographica Algorithm #4 - sign up for my newsletter to receive the Zoom Link

Start drawing with my Free Guided Videos

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Free Guided Drawing Sessions.

Every human has a creative potential.
All we have to do is set out on this journey and find the artist inside.

Upcoming Live-Classes and Programs

Ancestral Arts

LIVE Art Ceremonies: October 15th, 22nd, 29th

Connect to your Ancestors with Art and Ceremony.

This series of Art Ceremonies includes guided ancestral ceremonies, guided visualizations, and meditative drawing processes with the Neurographica Method.
All of these creative activities will help you get to know yourself more deeply, and will allow you to step into a conscious relationship with your own Ancestors.

The series is made up of 3 different guided processes (plus one bonus drawing that I will share before the beginning of the series). Each process explores an aspect of your Ancestral story, and can result in deep inner healing. 

NeuroColor - Algorithm #3

Advanced course that focusses on the energy of color in Neurographica, including certificate of completion.

LIVE CLASSES throughout June/July/August 2023

This Algorithm allows us to experiment with, experience, and integrate the energy and qualities of certain colors into the drawing process. We will learn about the Ancient Art of WuXing, also known as the theory of the Chinese Five Elements. You will learn to use colors more intentionally and evoke the corresponding energies in your artwork.

There is an option to add QiGong embodiment practices to deepen your knowledge.

A prerequisite for this course is the completion of the Neurographica Basics course with a certificate (either from me or another teacher)

Emotional Intelligence through Art

Strengthening Emotional Intelligence with Neurographica and Art Therapy. An Online Workshop for parents and children.

 LIVE CLASSES start JULY 29th/30th 

This series of 4 live online workshops is offered by Antje Howard - Neurographica Instructor & Specialist for Children and Youth - together with Corinne Allan - Art Therapist and Neurographica Specialist.

This workshop offers you tools to release, express, and explore emotions, resolve conflicts, improve communication, and create fun art projects together with your children. You can share these guided Art processes with your children or practice them for your own well-being. The aim of this program is to support families, and make the world a little more colorful.

NeuroMandala - Algorithm #5

 LIVE CLASSES start September 15th 

The NeuroMandala advanced Neurographica Course, as taught by the founder Pavel Piskarev, with optional certificate of completion.

The NeuroMandala course offers a series of drawing practices that focus on personal transformation by working on 7 energy levels with the help of the Chakra colors and circular shapes.

Each Mandala tells a unique story and can help us explore a certain aspect of life, where we will create more harmony.

The course includes 4 live classes with recordings plus one bonus 2-hour live Ancestral Mandala Art Ceremony.

Retrograde Reflections #2

A guided journey to help you explore and integrate the lessons of the 2023 planetary retrogrades
In this workshop, we will be working with the energies of 5 different planets: 
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

We will focus on the areas of our lives that are impacted by the planets and their retrograde movement, and with the help of a guided Neurographica process, allow our inner wisdom to guide our awareness and help us see to what we need to see at this moment.

Live Workshop on September 24th at 10:30 AM (Pacific Time).
A recording of this workshop will be available.

Creative Moon Women's Circles

2 guided circles each month - New Moon and Full Moon
Creating with the Moon and Zodiac energies. A deep and colorful guided journey for WOMEN, with your guide Antje Howard.

Tune in, align yourself, and manifest in harmony with the natural rhythms and energies of the cosmos. Each circle includes a meditation or other practice (e.g. movement, breathwork) to tune into the current moon and zodiac energy, as well as a guided art process to creatively explore, and work with these energies.

This circle is offered by donation.

the Art of Grieving

monthly creative support group to live with grief & loss
This series of Art meetings is an offering from a place of trust in the process. I am at the moment actively grieving the loss of my son, who died at 31 weeks pregnancy in the beginning of 2022. I will facilitate this group from the place where I am right now, and want to make a disclaimer that I am not a therapist, and this is not a therapy group.

NO prior experience or art skills are required. The drawing will be guided step by step and there will be space to share your process and story (this is of course voluntary).

The meetings are offered by donation to make them accessible to all who may need this work.

Ancestral Arts

LIVE Art Ceremonies beginning October 2nd

Connect to your Ancestors with Art and Ceremony.

This series of Art Ceremonies includes guided ancestral ceremonies, guided visualizations, and meditative drawing processes with the Neurographica Method.
All of these creative activities will help you get to know yourself more deeply, and will allow you to step into a conscious relationship with your own Ancestors.

The series is made up of 3 different guided processes (plus one bonus drawing that I will share before the beginning of the series). Each process explores an aspect of your Ancestral story, and can result in deep inner healing. 

What Students & Clients are saying:

Available Courses

I offer a wide range of pre-recorded online courses with access to future live programs.

I teach the official Neurographica courses as they were created and taught by the Founder of the Psychology of Creativity Institute Pavel Piskarev. For these courses, I also offer optional Certification that will be accepted by the Institute and other Neurographica teachers. 

In addition, I created several signature courses that combine elements of the Neurographica method with other practices, including guided meditation and visualization, elements of ceremony, writing exercises, movement, and more.

Some of my courses feature other teachers, artists, and poets, to provide a more rich experience.

My goal is to strengthen your connection to your original Self; to support your unique creative expression; and to help you open up and access your intuitive inner guidance - using art as a tool.

Work with me 1-on-1

With the Neurographica method, I create coaching processes in a very unique and impactful way. I will assist you by leading you step-by-step through an individualized drawing process that is designed around the theme you want to work on. Together we will search for your blind spots, and look at the things that you might usually hide from yourself in a gentle and supportive way.

This process will help you see your life challenges from a new angle, and will allow you to identify and create the changes that you want to make in your life. With my assistance and through the drawing you will be empowered to solve your own issues and find the answers that you need. 

Invite me as a speaker

One of my greatest wishes is that we realize the incredible creative power that each human being carries inside them. For a very long time I was cut off from my own creative voice, and I have spent years working through inner blocks, self-limiting beliefs, and pushing the boundaries that I had built around myself. I was scared of my own creative power, I did not know the value of free expression, and I believed that not everyone was meant to be an artist. But then, I realized that none of this is true, that those beliefs were the result of being imprinted and indoctrinated to the core by a society and culture that does not value individual creativity, but instead needs people to be followers, looking outside themselves for answers.

Creativity can be uncontrollable, it can be surprising, and it can be disruptive to established ways and systems. And I believe this is exactly what we need in today's world. In order to really evolve as humans, we need to learn to be creative again, and this requires a lot of unlearning and freeing ourselves from old and outdated patterns. In my experience, the Neurographica Method can support this process. We are all meant to live a life that is full of beauty and creativity. 

The big topics I really like to talk about are change and transformation, balance, movement, and the healing power of art. You can also ask me questions about my personal story and healing path.
If you would like to invite me to speak and share my personal experiences, or my work, please send me a message using the contact form.

Hire me to guide your group

My work with groups is focused on empowering participants to express themselves, to be heard and seen, and to feel as part of a larger whole. The use of drawing helps us to approach challenges or goals in a completely new way and opens many starting points for interesting conversations.

I have facilitated different groups (with and without the use of art) for many years and I bring a variety of methods and processes that I can adapt to your needs.

Do you want to build your team? Do you want to create new structures in your company or organization? Do you want to help your people come together and communicate better? 
We can address any of those goals, and work through different challenges in a fun and creative way. 

At the moment I offer this work primarily through online meetings, and I guarantee that even in the online space your group will benefit and grow together through this work.

If you are interested in working with me, please send me a message using the contact form.